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Names Team                                      Total Goals  
Leo Angove Twilight Tricksters 9  
Sam Koerner Twilight Tricksters 4  
Miguel Freitolas Butters United 1  
Dan Robotham Butters United 7  
Matt Fairhead Fighting Frankfurts 9  
Matt Rogers Fighting Frankfurts 4  
Henry Thomas Fighting Frankfurts 2  
Paul Kemmis Sons of Pitches 6  
Ellis Woods Young Guns 2  
Kassie Stroth Fighting Frankfurts 1  
Jake Forrester Twilight Tricksters 9  
Josh Bagley Twilight Tricksters 2  
Daniel Hosking Twilight Tricksters 3  
Klaus Simons Twilight Tricksters 1  
Rob Urabec Sons of Pitches 1  
Jakin Williams Sons of Pitches 1  
Darcy Smith Young Guns 1  
Leo Angove Young Guns 11  
Denham Haynes Butters United 1  
Klaus Simons Young Guns 2  
Larks Butters United 2  
Eilis Toth Fighting Frankfurts 1  
Fraiser Twilight Strikers 3  
Hans Sons of Pitches 2  
Lewis Mccabe Fighting Frankfurts 1  
Bryan Renfors Butters United 2